Series 1

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Body Language

Mike Carter is one of the country's leading body language experts. He works with Headteachers and Company Directors across the country, runs workshops and seminars in the corporate world and lectures at Universities.

In this film, he explains and identifies exactly what you have to do to ensure that your body language always supports the way you want to come across to other people, whether it's in your business, social or private life. And he gives clear and detailed guidance on how to read the body language of others.



  • Posture
  • 1. Posture

  • The way we walk, the way we sit and the way we stand affects the way other people perceive us. Discover which areas of the body reveal our emotions.
  • Eye Contact
  • 2. Eye Contact

  • We all accept that eye-contact is important, but knowing how often to break eye-contact and where to look away when you do is a real skill.
  • More On Eye Contact
  • 3. More On Eye Contact

  • Eye-contact is a very personal thing. In most situations that's fine, but in others prolonged eye-contact might be inappropriate.
  • Handshakes
  • 4. Handshakes

  • A handshake is a very powerful gesture. There are lots of tiny adjustments to a handshake, all of which will send out a very different message.
  • How To Identify A Liar
  • 5. How To Identify A Liar

  • There are a number of body language signals which suggest that someone is being dishonest. It's not just enough knowing what these signs are; you need to understand why they are associated with dishonesty.
  • Female Body Language
  • 6. Female Body Language

  • Girls, it's important to make sure that your body language is always giving off exactly the right signals - so that the guy you fancy knows that you do, and the guy you don't knows to keep his distance!
  • Male Body Language
  • 7. Male Body Language

  • Learn how to attract a woman by adopting the right body language and start to look for the signals which tell you if she's interested in you.
  • All About Fidgeting
  • 8. All About Fidgeting

  • You can identify a great deal from observing the fidgeting habits of others. Learn how to de-code exactly what's going on.
  • Body Language & Children
  • 9. Body Language & Children

  • Because most children learn how to manipulate their verbal language before they learn to manipulate their body language, you can learn to identify a child's emotional state by observing their non-verbal behaviour.
  • Body Language Abroad
  • 10. Body Language Abroad

  • Body language gestures can be interpreted very differently around the world. Getting the body language wrong when you're working abroad won't just cause offense, it might cost you your job!
  • The Interview
  • 11. The Interview

  • Learn how to send out exactly the right signals in an interview and know what you're looking for if you're interviewing someone else.
  • Body Language & The Team
  • 12. Body Language & The Team

  • Good body language is not just for individuals. Teams and companies who are aware of important body language issues and address those issues invariably start to function much more efficiently.